Delivering Value and Results through Talent Development

Human Capital Development has made a monumental shift over the past few years and at no time has it become more apparent than now. Whilst we talk about a knowledge economy we have actually shifted into an employee economy whereby people have become your most valuable asset.

The knowledge your people have is not insignificant, quite the contrary, but development has evolved into much more than simply training. Driving behavioural and sustained cultural change is critical not only for success but for survival in today’s rapidly evolving economy.

A more holistic view of both the organisation and the individual is essential and must begin at the strategic planning stage in order to accommodate this broader view in terms of acquisition and application of knowledge, skills, insights and attitudes. Your top talents ambition for growth and their desire for career advancement must be aligned with the goals of the organization to ensure a symbiotic relationship which meets the needs of both.

Whilst employee development continues to include traditional training and formal education programs, the process must also include on-the-job development activities such as project management, coaching and mentorship all of which have evolved from the performance planning and review process. This will also begin to form an essential component towards the broader issue of career development and its alignment with the goals of the organization.

Excel Global’s ‘Guide to Results Driven Solutions’ is designed to support you and your employees in identifying, implementing and improving your employee development planning process.